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Zoo RacerPublished on Moshi Games and Miniclip.Collaboration with Nick Lee (Artist) and Oliver Mudd (3D Modelling).

Zoo Racer is top down racing game set within a Zoo. The style is a combination of old skool retro pixel art and cartoon vectors, with similar gameplay to the Mario Kart titles.

Features include

  • 3 race modes; Single race, Cup (gold, silver, bronze trophies awarded), Time Trial.
  • 10 tracks to discover and unlock, each with hidden off-road shortcuts and secrets.
  • 8 animal drivers of varying abilities to unlock and choose from.
  • Colourful and cartoony backgrounds set in and around the Zoo, pack full of animals and beautiful scenery including forests, deserts, rivers, bridges and coach parks!
  • Traffic school where your technical driving skills are fully put to the test in a series of twisting courses laid out by traffic cones.
  • Powerups including firing melons, dropping bananas and speedboosts.
  • High scores table and trophies with breakdown of lap/race times.
  • Alternative control systems: either mouse of keyboard controls and auto accelerate.
  • Tutorial screens.