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Street DogsPublished on iTunes and Google Play.

Meet Bumper, Buster, and Roxi! They have all the love of a dog and all the fun of a truck! These best friends on 4 wheels love to play and do tricks.

You can play with these digital canine friends just like a real dog - throw them a ball, give them some food and even watch them chase an underground mole! Your digital Street Dog even has to go potty!

The treasure hunt game will entertain kids as they look for hidden items in the Street Dogs backyard. The app will keep track of all the items they've found - everything from bones to jewels to dirty old boots. Silly surprises will surely delight all children!

Fun animations and realistic dog & truck sounds will keep kids giggling! You can even get the real Street Dogs toys from Jakks Pacific!


  • Realistic graphics and animation
  • Treasure hunt game with silly surprises
  • Choose from 3 different dogs
  • Endless play keeps kids entertained