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StashPublished on Mindjolt.Collaboration with Nick Lee (Artist).

Stash is a fast-paced arcade puzzle game.
Move your piggy bank to collect the wave of coins and build your stash while avoiding the skulls who'll nab your stash, or worse!
Risk it all by building up your stash for mega bonuses or bank it early and play safe.

Collect the money coins to build up your 'Stash', when you collect a Dollar coin your 'Stash' is banked and your score increases. As your stash gets bigger, multipliers increase the value when banked. If you hit a skull your stash is wiped out - hit a skull without a stash and lose a life.

Features include


  • 'speed up' or 'slow down' the rate the coins fall (lasts for x10 seconds).
  • 'shield' protects you from skulls (lasts for x10 seconds).
  • 'lightning bolt' switches the skulls to bonus scores (lasts for x10 seconds).
  • 'x2' doubles up the coin value.(lasts for x10 seconds).
  • collect the '$-T-A-S-H' letters in order to win a big bonus score, mess up the order collected and sart again.


  • x18 awards to unlock and win
  • x20 level awards