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Mighty RunnerPublished on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

The Mighty Runner app is a companion to the Jakks Pacific, Inc. Mighty Runner Gaming System.

Mighty Runner is an interactive running adventure game that combines physical and digital play with kids controlling the game with their feet! The real-time fun of running and jumping is directly infused into virtual play. Players will love pushing the boundaries of active gameplay.

As you make your way across three different worlds, collect and use coins to customize your avatar by selecting from thousands of combinations including gender, clothing, accessories, hair style and color, skin tones and eye color. Complete missions to unlock trophies, achievements and more!

Explore three different worlds for new adventures!

  • Track & Field - compete for gold in each event, including sprints, hurdles, long jumps, and more!
  • Amazon Adventure - Help Chief A'GoGo, his tribe and the rainforest animals locate missing totems, recover the magical guardian Totem Toe-Tee, and restore peace and happiness by completing missions, avoiding traps and making your way through each exciting level!
  • Zombie Dash - Only you can save your friends and townspeople from the brainwave frequency science fair project experiment gone horribly awry! So hop on the mat to find your classmates, bash past zombies, careen through country roads on tricycles and boxcarts, and find a way to reverse the zombification before it's too late.