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Unity3D Developer [8 years],
ActionScript 3 Programmer (5 years).
A Java Programmer (10 years) mainly midlets and applets.
Software Engineer (8 years).
B.Sc. (Hon's) Applied Computing (First Class).
Research paper published.


JavaScript, C Sharp, ActionScript 3, J2ME, J2SE, JSP, JDBC, XML, Servlets, C++.


December 2017 - Present, Lead Developer at Skyrocket

Unity3D development of mobile apps on both iOS and Android, implementation of software to interact with toy hardware/firmware.
Responsible for technical development of complete project lifecycle as well as publishing of apps for Apple and Google Play stores. Managed other programmers on the team.
Current titles include: Skyviper and Recoil apps.

September 2012 - November 2017, VP Lead Developer at Jakks Pacific, Inc.

Unity3D development of mobile apps on both iOS and Android with some including Augmented Reality functionality.
Responsible for technical development of complete project lifecycle as well as publishing of apps for Apple and Google Play stores. Managed other programmers on the team and liased with 3rd Party developers on projects.
Based in Los Angeles between 2012-15.
Titles still available include: Mighty Runner, Gift'ems, Cuppatinis, Real Construction, Street Dogs, 3DIT Animal Creator, 3DIT Creator and miWorld Mall.

July 2010 - August 2012, Freelance Games Developer.

Unity3D development of numerous Augmented Reality demo apps.

Flash titles published include 'Zoo Racer', 'Quest of Legends' and 'Stash'.

June 2008 - June 2010, Glu mobile Ltd, London.

Lead Programmer, overall responsibility for mobile code development across J2ME, iPhone, Android and Flash platforms.
Direct involvement in developing 'Rock Mania' Facebook Game (AS3). Functionality included 3D models using Papervision3D, customisation of player models and UI. Also developed 'Bonsai Blast' Facebook Game.

September 2006 - May 2008, Picsel Technologies, Reading.

J2ME Programmer, working on 'Performer' content provider software. Provides downloadable mobile content solution for third parties. Involved in upgrade and programming of current solution and porting across various new handsets, including Blackberrys.

May 2004 - August 2006 8 Bit Games Ltd, London.

J2ME Programmer, creating Java Mobile phone games. Published games include 'Conflict: Vietnam', 'Conflict: Desert Storm', 'Conflict: Global Storm' and 'Flyboys: Knights of the Sky'. Experienced in the complete lifecycle of game creation including porting onto many handsets.

Aug 2002 - April 2003 Hurricanes Eye, London.

Java Programmer working on online interface to allow the provisioning of telephone lines and services to customers. Apache Tomcat used to host the service and JDBC, SQL, JSP, XML and Servlets used to create a dynamic front end dependent on user status.

April 2000 - July 2002: Affinity Internet Holdings plc.
Java Programmer for Affinity Internet Holdings plc, designing and creating online games and applications. Over twenty game applets including a crossword puzzler, crossword creator, behavioural simulation, action, sport, cards and a client-server chat system with in-text images.

Aug 99 - March 2000: Middlesex University.
Research Assistant to Dr. Ian Mitchell, working on the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). The TSP is the problem of a salesman who wants to find, starting from his hometown, a shortest possible trip through a given set of customer cities and to return to his hometown. An original method was developed using message parsing together with a genetic algorithm. This was implemented as a Java applet for the web and a paper was co-authored.


Kart Racing flash game.

Interactive play world developed in Flash for an on screen toy.

Developed three Flash games for Test Tube Aliens X website.

Developed three Java games for Test Tube Aliens website.

Neural Network program for Brunel University. Design and programming of an application that translates 'C' flash code from a Neural Net program into Assembler code to be incorporated into a PICK controller.


Sep 90 - Sep 96: Siemens Plessey Systems, Chessington, Surrey.
Programming and testing of Air Traffic Control (ATC) management software for the Channel Islands and Zimbabwe using RTL/2 on VAX with VMS and incorporating MASCOT design methodology.
Programming of database structure for the ATC fault monitoring system for Heathrow Airport using Ingres database management programming language and embedded C with SQL.

Mar 89 - Mar 90: Years travel to Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Honolulu, Los Angeles and cycled across Indonesia.

Aug 87 - Feb 89: Lucas Aerospace Electronic Systems Division, Birmingham.
Programming and testing of software for Fuel control of Rolls Royce RB211 gas turbine engines. All code was written using in-house control language LUCOL on VAX with VMS.

Mar 87 - Aug 87: Lucas Aerospace Power Systems Division, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
As a trainee software engineer wrote software for a menu driven Engineering Tolerance Calculation project using FORTRAN on PDP11/44 system with RSX.

Oct 86 - Mar 87: Hatfield Polytechnic, Hertfordshire.
Full time course studying software engineering. Used as a retraining program by Lucas Aerospace.

Sep 83 - Oct 86: Lucas Aerospace Power Systems Division, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
Electronic Technical Apprentice.


96-99: Middlesex University
B.Sc. Honors in Applied Computing (First Class).
Full-time study. Main applications of course include object-oriented design using C++ and Java.

86-87: Hatfield Polytechnic, Hertfordshire. (as detailed previously).

85-86: Watford Technical College, Hertfordshire.
Higher National Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

83-85: Dacorum College, Hertfordshire.
Ordinary National Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

81-83: Longdean Secondary School, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
GCE 'O' levels in Maths, Physics, English Language, English Literature, Technical Drawing, Art and Applied Science & Technology.

78-81: Bourne Valley Secondary School, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.