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CuppatinisPublished on iTunes and Google Play.

The Cuppatinis Tea Party game complements the new Jakks Pacific Cuppatinis toy line available only at Walmart!

The Cuppatinis Tea Party app lets you create the perfect tea party with the Cuppatinis dolls! Invite your favorite characters, choose your table setting and location, set the table, and serve the Cuppatinis delicious treats!

This app features adorable animations of the Cuppatinis dolls as they eat their treats, "chat" with each other, and enjoy their tea time.

Other modes of play include Dress Up, Games, and Crafts. In Dress Up mode you can create your favorite Cuppatini doll and even bejewel her dress! Games included are Matching Pairs, Spin, and the Cup Game - choose the difficulty level from Easy, Medium, or Hard. In the Spin game, tap on the teacups as fast as you can and in the Cup game, keep your eye on the ball as the cups move around. In the Crafts section, play with super cute Paper Dolls and also find fun Printables!

Key Features

  • Single and Multi-player (up to 4 players) turn based action adventure.
  • Create the perfect Cuppatinis tea party!
  • Matching Pairs, Spin, and Cup Game with varying difficulty levels
  • Paper Dolls & Printables play
  • Adorable animations
  • Catchy music
  • Animated introduction