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3DIT CreatorPublished on iTunes and Google Play.

Launch into an awesome world filled with your crazy, cool, and customizable characters! This app allows you to interact with each and every extreme creature you have built in your 3DIT Character Creator 3D Molding Machine.

The new 3DIT Character Creator Molding Machine toy by Jakks Pacific lets you customize and mold REAL 3D characters. So while you are waiting for the Machine to warm up and cool down, come play with your characters in this exciting app!

Use the 3DIT Character Creator app to watch your guys come alive in a 3D world! It's the best place for your men to run wild while waiting for other kooky characters to join them. Examine your newly constructed characters drop down into a rowdy world where everything from pirates and policemen to monsters and robbers are always ready for adventures with new pals!

There's also a cool timer tool that helps track the progress of all your favorite characters. While the timer is running, hold your device up to your Character Creator Machine for an awesome real-life experience. You will be surprised by the wild dude that comes alive on screen!


  • Awesome customizable characters
  • Millions of ways to build your crazy character
  • Augmented reality experience that brings your character to life
  • A wild world full of characters that adventure together
  • Dramatic drop down into a custom character world
  • Timer alerts you when the Character Creator has heated up and when the character has cooled and is ready to build.
  • Engaging, catchy music